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Brand New! Alexa in Your Car

A few months ago I saw on Amazon that they would be introducing an Echo product that would reside in my automobile which got my attention. I have four active Amazon Echo products in my home. In my living room I have an Echo Fire TV Cube for my Samsung 4K Smart TV, in my office I have a Second-Generation Echo with Alexa, and in my bedroom I have an Echo Show, and on my Samsung Galaxy S8 I have the Amazon Alexa Application which makes it a part of that intelligent group and is the intelligent app to drive that group.


To continue,  I learned that I could opt in to receive an invitation from Amazon to be one of the first people to buy and get the Echo Auto. Four days ago I got an email from Amazon saying I was selected to buy the new Echo Auto and because I was part of that select group it was offered to me at a significant discount. I think that was pretty cool. But, as excited as I was, I didn’t jump in immediately.


This is because between the time that they brought up there being a new product coming and my getting an invitation, I experimented with using the Amazon on my phone by interfacing with my car system. In January, I leased a brand-new 2018 Mazda 3 Sport Hatchback. It has an intelligent control panel and system including navigation, analog radio, FM radio, High Definition (HD 1 and HD 2) radio, Bluetooth access to my phone, and hands-free calling which also has my contact list from my phone. As part of that I had learned that it actually uses my phones Alexa App to perform quite a few Alexa applications but not as many as I would like. Additionally, I have stored on my phone thousands of songs that I bought from Amazon either from direct download and/or CDs and can play those on my car system.


There was one more potential deal killer. The Echo Auto sits on the dashboard in a position where I can talk to it and thus do all the other neat Amazon echo things I can do at home. It sits, however, on a molded piece made exactly for the Echo Auto that has an adhesive bottom to attach it to the dashboard. My concern was if I wanted to remove the holder for the Echo would I damage the dashboard? I called Amazon and they put me in touch with the group that is responsible for that device and I talked with a really helpful lady named Taylor who let me know that any residue that was left on the dashboard could easily be removed with a Clorox wipe.


I thanked her and let her know that as soon as our call was finished I would be ordering the new Echo which I did. Happily, I received it the next day. I waited until yesterday to install my Echo Auto and with little difficulty got it running beautifully. Just for kicks, from my car I asked Alexa what the temperature was in my home and Alexa told me. Is that neat or what?


Other things I can do from my car include:

  • set the temperature in my house
  • turn the lights on and off
  • see  who is at the door
  • record a TV show and/or a movie
  • whatever I can imagine.


I definitely recommend getting Amazon Echo Auto. It’s like living in the sci-fi world I could only read about, only it’s not sci-fi anymore.