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2001: A Space Odyssey

The Geek Squad is One of My Prized Assets



I made the decision two or three years ago to add a solid-state drive to my computer as my C//: drive in order for my computer to process information faster. I bought a 256 GB  Solid State Drive (SSD) and thought that would be as large as I would ever need. In the last year or so I discovered that it seemed my SSD drive was beginning to develop and I was beginning to try to find ways of getting rid of information on it.


In the last 90 days I was struggling with that and last week I finally gave in and called my IT department (i.e. the Geek Squad) to see if they could help me. I got Agent Bradley who was a great choice. I had seen some things on the web that indicated I could move applications from a C:// Drive to my hard drive to free up my drive. The Windows 10 set up is such that the C:// Drive contains the Windows operating system and my programs.


Prior to calling the Geek Squad, I did research about moving those programs over to hard drive in videos about being able to do it but it appeared a little sketchy to me. Hence my calling the Geek Squad to find out if that could be done. Agent Bradley understood what I was asking him and was able to explain why that is not a good idea in as much as moving the wrong files could mess up Windows. I’m pretty techy but by no means an expert on the Windows 10 operating system.


What Agent Bradley did was run a proprietary Geek Squad application and go through my SSD and identify files that can be safely moved to the hard drive. I have a friend so there’s a lot of room on it for expansion. He went over with me, section by section, which files could be moved without impacting Windows and causing a disruption or breakage. It was like watching a maestro at work and discussing with him how he’s does what he does. Continue reading

We just might want to keep an eye on this robot

In July I wrote a post “NASA has Launched a sort of HAL-like Robot to help an Astronaut on the ISS” about the cool new floating robot the European Space Agency (ESA) sent to the ISS. Its name is CIMON (pronounced Sigh Mon) and it was fun to watch and speculate about how it would help astronauts in the future.


It has now been six months and there has been a potentially disconcerting change as CIMON matures. According to the Quartz publication’s Nicholas Rivero, CIMON has gotten a little testy for what is supposed to be a friendly helping assistant. Astronaut Alexander Gerst asked CIMON to play some of Gerst’s favorite music. Instead CIMON played a song called “The Man-Machine” which annoyed Gerst and he asked the robot to please stop playing.


What followed seemed to be a tug of wills. It became reminiscent of HAL 9000. It may not be quite as creepy but I’m just sayin’.