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A Gem in a Garden of Flowers: Holly Kleschold

As I have talked about in previous posts, I had extensive cervical spine surgery, which is limited my mobility. Some things become a nuisance such as cutting my toenails. That is something I never thought I would need to think about, but now I’m not able to do it.

So, the only reasonable and logical solution is to get pedicures. in reality, I had begun to get pedicures before I met with the male people because I had already begun to lose balance and was able to adequately cut my nails anymore.

My real problems, however, began after surgery because I become housebound and was unable to drive my car. Then when I was able to get transportation and make an appointment for a pedicure, the appointment was canceled.

My daughter Candace is a senior hairstylist at Simonson’s in Plymouth, Minnesota. She knew that I was very disappointed and talked with one of her friends there and her friend agreed to set me up with a pedicure. I was able to get in with Holly Kleschold a few days later.

Some background about Holly Kleschold:

Like most of us, Holly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth as the saying goes. She lived in Lakeville, Minnesota until she was ready to enter first grade. She, her brother, and parents moved to Cottage Grove, Minnesota and lived there until she was in sixth grade. Sometime early on her parents divorced and she lived with each parent every other week.

When she was 14, Holly began work at Afton Alps with the perfect job for a teenager, i.e. working in the chalet concession stand. She did this until she was 16 years old. Then she went to work at Rainbow Foods until she was 23. Not being busy enough by having a job and going to school, Holly volunteered for the Ronald McDonald House providing free haircuts for patients and their families. Incidentally, she graduated in June 2012 at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology.

She has now been at Simonson’s for a little over five years.

When we got to Simonson’s Holly brought my wife, Corrine and me into the pedicure area and Corrine was able to sit in the pedicure chair next to mine where Holly offered each of us a warm neck cushion to help relax us. I then began to soak my feet and Holly went and got her tools and ointments.

As a result of having had surgery, the length of time from my previous pedicure to this one was too long. My nails were not in the best condition but, Holly showed that she was a true professional, by being kind and diligent and making my feet actually look good again. They felt good again too.

I’m not able to adequately describe the qualitative difference in the work and expertise of Holly compared to previous pedicures that I had. I can only say that is a reason that I have been compelled to write this blog.

I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Holly and enjoy this experience yourself. Call Simonson’s Salon and Spa in Plymouth, Minnesota at (763) 550-1121 and then tell your friends about your great experience.

By the way, if you are looking for a fantastic hairstyle ask for my daughter, Candace, at the same phone number.