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The New Wi-Fi 6 Will Make Everything Faster



I recently wrote an article about a business changing life changing technology called 5G. It makes a world of vastly more information to us with vastly more speed. As this technology rolls out another technology that works hand-in-hand with 5G is also being rolled out which vastly multiplies the force of 5G. It is called Wi-Fi 6.


5G and Wi-Fi 6 are complementary to each other and bring better performance to the enterprise. Together, they bring higher data rates and new applications while increasing number capacity with the ability to connect more devices. With improvements in speed, latency and density of connected devices, Wi-Fi 6 is ideal for indoor enterprise networks. High-speed transportation and traveling in the car on the highway make 5G the preferred carrier for outdoor networks.


Wi-Fi 6 is easily implemented with upgrades of routers and mesh networks. The cost is comparatively low for local enterprises. 5G will take more time to implement in a broad area but I estimate that within three years it will be comprehensive. It will raise the gross domestic product of your business and your nation.


Now for some of the techie stuff: The official designation for Wi-Fi 6 is 802.11ax. It is designed to support transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps (10 Gigabits per second). With the advent of Wi-Fi 6 the Wi-Fi Alliance simplified the naming conventions. In addition, the developer community has added dimensionality to the product.


Wi-Fi six improved the number of bits that can be transmitted at the same time using a technique called Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). The previous version Wi-Fi 5 is based on 512 – QAM Wi-Fi six uses 1024-QAM resulting in a 25% speed improvement.


Additionally Wi-Fi 6 breaks each channel into small chunks allowing each client to get its own dedicated bit of bandwidth. The protocol is called Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). It is a form packet switching.


What happens if you ignore 5G and Wi-Fi 6? I think that you risk the probability that one day you’ll wake up and your company will wonder why it doesn’t have customers anymore? The answer is your competitors have become more responsive faster to the market needs and your customers will be doing business with them. We have entered a world that now moves faster with more information and we all need to become part of that world.